A worldwide sourcing service for IT consulting and digital companies

  • The experts market is increasingly tense and companies brand is not enough to attract talents anymore. “Generation Y” candidates enjoy having dedicated agents such as Ventura Associates to help them manage their career through permanent or freelance jobs;
  • We focus on the human being, with real empathy, and above all we are well connected with communities and clients in various countries that have interesting missions: this is our added value, candidates trust us and ask us to help them connect to jobs where they can thrive.
  • We have the experience of staffing IT skills in more than 50 countries around the world and across all continents, from Sydney, via Johannesburg, Luanda, Algiers, London, Vancouver, Houston, Montevideo, Santo Domingo or Chenyang, And of course at our doorstep in Geneva, Zurich, Warsaw and Paris.
  • We operate under a front / back sourcing model with a front office person dedicated to customer with performance monitoring supported by an industrial sourcing platform.

Our fees are 180° disruptive and linked to billing to end-customers

Sourcing skills for start-ups

This market is a priority for us simply because it represents exactly what candidate expect when looking at opportunities in digital companies in Switzerland, England or France.


“Generation Y” candidates progress in pack; We recruit freelance technical architect who come with other freelance experts whom they trust and this group likes to work together and complement each other. This approach, which is increasingly popular in a number of countries, enables short or medium-term objectives to be achieved for disruptive innovation

« Excellence » job offerings in Switzerland

We are proud to help candidates from the European Union to join the largest Swiss companies; for a contract or a long term job! We have all the Swiss licenses required of « L S E » and « Private Placement » valid in all cantons of Switzerland.


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