In 2 words what is the CV sponsorship

You sponsor the CV of a java developer or a sharepoint developer for a job in Switzerland or France and if we place the candidate within 2 months, you will receive 500 euros.  Please send us CVs to

In 2 words, what is the international co-opting network program ?

It is an “extra job” to your current work, if you gather 50 IT experts that you represent against all job requests that you receive from us from Switzerland and from our 6 countries. This has 3 benefits:

  1. Making extra money up to 3k€ per placement.
  2. Helping IT people you know to find a good job.
  3. Helping you to be linked to an entrepreneur network.

Above all, this should be just fun to work together.

You will have a privileged place within our network, and therefore a pledge for you to be able to be informed in real time of the best opportunities of missions currently available.

If interested, please send us an email to to have a skype discussion with our director for more details


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